Ximdex CMS integrates Apache Stanbol

Only three weeks before the Paris meeting of the IKS project, our R&D department faced an encouraging sprint to bring IKS technology to our Ximdex CMS. After a very productive brainstorming session we agreed on the target of integrating Apache Stanbol.

It seemed only logical to add semantic technology to our service oriented Automated Annotator module (ximRA, Remote Annotator for Ximdex) and to evolve its output into tags. As our newest version, Ximdex 3, was not yet using the ximTAX (Tags Management) module, this effort gave us benefits in two areas: IKS integration and upgrading Ximdex 3 with additional (semantic!) tagging capabilities.

As Early Adopters of IKS technologies we had a very tight schedule for the demo day and there were lots of technical tasks for the team:

  • To integrate Apache Stanbol as a new service to be invoked from ximRA module.
  • To extend our system for the management of Places, Organizations and People -POP- coming from Stanbol.
  • To adapt our XML schemas, using RNG, and Ximdex’s transformation pipelines for the generation of RDFa from POP tags.
  • And last, to make a visual component to hide this complexity, following one of our lemmas: “Always hide technology from customer’s eyes because they only should have to get their benefits, without any additional effort”

A lot of work for a short time with the mindset of not only creating a prototype, but a new component fully integrated into Ximdex, using all its capabilities (searches, format transformations, visual widgets, WYSIWYG editing, …), and adding additional power to our WYSIWYM XML editor.

A video with a short demo of XML content enrichment using Apache Stanbol can be viewed here. The full video showing how the RNG template is modified to allow the inclusion of tags provided by IKS, the XML of the visually edited content, the transformation to generate the HTML code including RDFa, and more is here. To access the demo follow these instructions.

About Ximdex:

Ximdex is a Semantic Content Management System published as GPL . Ximdex 3.2 is fully i18n compliant and brings a new English interface. German translation coming really soon!
Ximdex is used in many portals needing scalability and flexibility derived from its revolutionary decoupled publishing paradigm, that brings Ximdex virtually platform and content agnostic! Ximdex is rapidly evolving to bring cloud services, so all intensive tasks will be accomplished in on-demand platforms.

We don’t want to say goodbye without thanking IKS project for their work.

Best Regards,

The Ximdex Team

PD: A living demo on the English version of Ximdex will be available in a few days. Stay tuned!

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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