VIE towards v2.0 (update)

During the last IKS hackathon at the end of November the VIE core developer team got the ability to hold a face-to-face meeting and concentrated their work on the most pressing issue with VIE: Releasing version 2.0.

In order to ship this major release, three issues had to be resolved first:

  • compatibility issues with IE
  • continuous integration
  • API documentation

IE compatibility

For the first version of VIE, we were mainly developing on Google Chrome and Firefox and paid more attention to enrich VIE with more features than robustness. However, as the library grew and with it the list of users, the need for a broad support through all browsers increased. For most browsers, this went smooth. Of course, the Internet Explorer had to be handled special and some issues had to be resolved (see, e.g.,  [1] [2] [3]).

Continuous integration

In order to ensure a smooth development, a proper testing facility is indispensable. For VIE, we relied so far on test cases that were written with the help of QUnit, a jQuery browser testing framework. The disadvantage here comes with the fact that these tests need to be performed manually. That’s why we decided to use travis – a distributed build system – that is hooked with the git push command to ensure continuous testing with every push. This also gives us the advantage to perform server-side tests as well as client-side tests with a headless browser automatically.

API documentation

As some of you have already seen, VIE has now it’s own domain where we put code examples and documentation. We use docco to generate our documentation from the inline code-comments and keep this up-to-date with the recent

Stay tuned for news about the upcoming official release and visit us on Github!

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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