Video: Decoupling Content Management

Our concept of Decoupled Content Management, together with the VIE and Create.js is really taking off. I’ve spent in various conferences this summer speaking about them.

Here is a video from the talk I gave in the IKS Salzburg Workshop last month. It is quite a lot shorter than the more comprehensive talks like the one in Symfony Live, but should introduce the ideas pretty well: Content Management with CreateJS and VIE from IKS Project on Vimeo.

Those interested in the background of all this may also enjoy this video where we’re talking about the concepts behind Create.js together with the Aloha Editor back in summer 2010 when things were just getting started.

Author: Henri

Henri Bergius, a.k.a. Bergie, is a former Viking originally from the Nordic country of Finland but living in Berlin. When he is not exploring Georgia’s cave cities or running with the bulls in Pamplona, Bergie works on web services built on top of the Midgard toolkit. His company, Nemein, provides web and mobile solutions for several major companies in Finland and abroad. After half a decade of regular web development, Bergie got involved with free software in 1999 by coordinating the public release of the Midgard content management system. Since then, he has been actively working on integrating standards like RDFa into the system and traveling the world advocating interoperation between open-source CMSs.

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