terkait – Chrome Widget for semantic analysis of web content. Powered by VIE

IKS technology has reached Google Chrome’s Webstore. What started as a test-bed environment for several VIE widgets has lately emerged to an application that supports a user with related content while browsing the web. It’s codename? terkait.

terkait is implemented in Javascript and builds on IKS technologies such as VIE and Apache Stanbol. The user can trigger a semantic analysis based on the internal RDFa parser of VIE and the semantic enhancement service of Apache Stanbol by clicking on the terkait-symbol. All found entities are then enriched with knowledge from semantic backends, e.g., DBPedia or the Apache Stanbol Entityhub and rendered with a short abstract in terkait (see screenshot).

Screenshot of terkait

Screenshot of terkait

In the above screenshot, the user went to the sports section of the NYtimes and presents the  the most relevant entities that terkait found. The user can now click on the small icons to get images, videos and even news articles about each entity. Each of these content-types are then retrieved by using the according VIE widget and the result is shown in the following screenshot.

Screenshot of related images in terkait

Screenshot of related images in terkait

In the current version, terkait works best on english news articles and english webpages that deal with politics, sports and topics about music. However, we are currently working to broaden the field of application of terkait and make it more useful for you. Please also have a look at the screencast that explains the installation of terkait and demonstrates its usage.


Can I install it?

If you have Google Chrome installed, open the the web store page of terkait and click on “Add to Chrome” (see the following screenshot, that shows the installation page of terkait)

screenshot terkait in the Google Web Store

screenshot terkait in the Google Web Store

Is it safe?

terkait never sends information to any services without your permission. This means that it only starts to send content to services after you have pressed the icon in the browser – or triggered the analysis via the context menu of selected text. By default, the content from secure webpages (https://..) is never send to the backend service. This can also be configured via the options menu.

Can I use it outside of Google Chrome?

Currently, the only available version is implemented for Google’s browser only. However, we plan to port the code into Firefox and Safari extensions soon.

Can terkait query for content from my own CMS?

The very clean and open API of terkait, combined with it’s open-sourced license (MIT) allows you to write a service extension for terkait that does not send queries for, e.g., images to the Flickr endpoint but your CMS-installation. Given that your CMS provides a RESTful API to query content, it is just a matter of few lines of code to enable terkait to query content from your CMS.

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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