Talk to the IKS team at Upcoming Events in 2011!

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The IKS team will be “hitting the road” in the coming months of 2011 to present at several events. The events include academic conferences, industry workshops, expert roundtables and open source developer events. So if you are nearby then be on the lookout for the IKS team. We would love to meet you and talk “Interactive Knowledge”.

1. ERK2011 conference, Portoroz, Slovenia 19-21 September 2011. Violeta Damjanovic will present an IKS-related paper  “Semantic Enhancement: The Key to Massive and Heterogeneous Data Pools”, In Proceeding of the 20th International IEEE ERK (Electrotechnical and Computer Science) Conference 2011, Portoroz, Slovenia, 19-21 September, 2011. This paper surveys various semantic enhancement approaches and techniques in order to answer on demands of today’s massive and heterogeneous, Web-based Content Management Systems (CMS). Furthermore, this paper transfers results and shares our experiences in field gained through the development of the Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS) (the EU FP7 IKS project), more specifically – development of its subproject called Apache Stanbol.

2. Semantic Tech and Business Conference London, UK. 26-27 September 2011. The conference is designed for business and technology executives who need to learn what semantic technologies are and how to take advantage of semantics in their enterprise and web-based systems . Wernher Behrendt will talk about IKS technology and how it can benefit content management systems in his talk “The Interactive Knowledge Stack (IKS): Adding Semantics to Content Management Systems”

3. Open Government Camp 2011 in Berlin on 29-30 September 2011. IKS early adopter Andreas Kuckartz from OpenSaga will present Apache Stanbol in the context of Open Data. He has a preliminary session proposal (#30 at which he will refine so to attract enough votes from participants of the BarCamp.

4. Computational Linguistics-Applications Conference – CLA’11 Jachranka (Poland) on 17-19 October 2011. Walter Kasper and Mihaela Vela will present an IKS-related paper and demo “Sentiment Analysis for Hotel Review”. User reviews and comments on hotels on the web are an important information source in travel planning. Therefore, knowing about these comments is important for quality control to the hotel management, too. We present a system that collects such comments from the web and creates classified and structured overviews of such comments and facilitates access to that information.

5. Toulouse Novela Festival (Arts and Science)Toulouse, France.  20 October 2011. The event will take place in the framework of the “numeric city” part of the festival, as a public debate between experts with questions from the attendance. The purpose is to introduce semantic technologies to the public (both scientists and general public). Wernher Behrendt as both project coordinator and principal investigator, he will represent IKS as expert at the round-table.

6. J.Boye Conference, Aarhus, Denmark. 8-11 November 2011. IKS will participate at the J.Boye Conference with both a talk in the “Standards and Technology Track” and with the awarding of the winners of the IKS contest in the session “IKS Semantic UI Contest”

7. Apache Conference, Vancouver, Canada. 7-12 November 2011. The focus of this year’s Apache Conference is “Open Enterprise Solutions, Cloud Computing, and Community Leadership”. Olivier Grisel and Bertrand Delacretaz from IKS will be attending. If you are in town then check out Olivier’s talk on Apache Stanbol Bertrand Delacretaz who will be there for OSGi talks ( and various community activities. They both will gladly answer your questions on IKS .

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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