Tag recommendations in Drupal via Apache Stanbol Integration by punkt. netServices

punkt. netServices is an IT company located in Vienna, Austria working in the area of knowledge- and information management solutions via Drupal, WordPress and Atlassian Confluence (beside working on SKOS Thesaurus Meta Data Management Solutions via the product PoolParty) has been invited to be an IKS Early Adopter (EA) in the course of the IKS – Interactive Knowledge Stack project.

After joining the IKS Early Adopters Workshop in Salzburg in mid 2010 punkt. netServices decided to become an IKS Early Adopter and integrate the IKS Apache Standbol (earlier called IKS FISE engine) into the Open Source Drupal CMS to enable tag recommendation and thereby semi-automated tagging / semantic annotation in Drupal.

The targeted and implemented solution for Drupal is as follows:

  1. An editor creates a new content item (or edits an existing) one (= content node in Drupal) inside of the CMS
  2. As a next step the editor clicks a button for ‘Tag Recommendations’ embeded in the editor’s view of Drupal
  3. For this use case implemented (Drupal) Wrapper takes the content of this node (content item of the editor)
    and hands it over to the FISE semantic engine / Apache Stanbol
  4. FISE semantic engine / Apache Stanbol extracts the relevant terms & phrases of this content item
  5. FISE engine / Apache Stanbol gives relevant phrases back to the Drupal system
  6. This automatic generated tags is shown in the ‘tag area’ of the Drupal content node in editors mode
  7. The editor is able to choose from the given tags (select and un-select)
  8. This content node is enriched with automatic generated tags and can be saved
  9. The Drupal system shows the node tags in the form of a tag cloud in the public view of the node (front end view)
  10. The editor team saves time to type in tags per content node again and again

For details you can have a look at the proposal for the Early adopters project by punkt. netServices.

Screen: Tag suggestions in Drupal via Apache Stanbol

The realisation of the Apache Stanbol integration in Drupal has been a very smooth process by the developers of punkt. netServices as the respective documentation of Apache Stanbol has been available and also IKS support has been offered.

The outcome is A) a new Drupal module (in review process for publishing on the Drupal module exchange at the moment) that allows to enable tag recommendation and semi-automated tagging in Drupal via Apache Stanbol (via web services (API) as well as via a respective internal Apache Stanbol installation – if required)

For better visibility of the results of this IKS EA project punkt. netServices decided (in co-ordination with the IKS team)  to demonstrate the showcase of the IKS EA project on the website of the OGD Austria Initiative where lots of user traffic is guaranteed as it is the website of the Open Government Data Austria initiative that generates a lot of visibility at the moment. All presented tags there come from the new Drupal – Apache Stanbol module!

The validation and results as well as the documentation of the IKS EA project on hand can be found in the IKS wiki.

As a short summary we can say that Apache Stanbol is very easy to install, well documented and very well prepared for integration via web services – as the result of the semantic engine depends on the used semantic tools inside of the engine we would like to suggest to do some tests for evaluation if the system works well for your domain without any adaptation or if the better work around would be to install and configure your own Apache Stanbol version to ensure optimised quality for e.g. semantic annotation / semi-automated tagging.

As follows you find a screen cast that described the integration along the editors work in Drupal:


Furthermore the Apache Stanbol integration in Drupal will be presented and demonstrated at the IKS Community Workshop in Paris on 5.-6. of July 2011 beside other interesting IKS integrations, CMS and semantic technology keynotes. So if you are interested in state of the art Semantic Technology, Content Management Systems and / or Information-, Content- and Knowledge Management Solutions – join us and register today!

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Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project