Stanbol Integration with Information Workbench

fluid Operations AG has recently joined the IKS Early Adopters Programme. The project aims at integrating the Apache Stanbol software components with the Information Workbench platform developed by fluidOps. The Information Workbench is a platform for developing Linked Data applications in the enterprise which follows the Data-as-a-Service paradigm and enables data authoring, integration, processing, and presentation using customizable components.

In particular, Information Workbench is used in the context of media content publishing where semantic data model is used to organize a collection of documents, such as HTML pages and video files. The goal of the fluidOpsintegration project is to enable automatic annotation of unstructured content, in particular, in the context of semantic content publishing. The Information Workbench needs to be able to link unstructured textual documents with appropriate data entities stored in the semantic repository. These links are then utilized to organize the document collection, present it to the user in an accessible form and enable the user to retrieve relevant documents related to a specific entity or fact.

With this aim, we plan to extend the Information Workbench and enable it to use the Stanbol Enhancer to retrieve the semantic annotations about text documents, store them in the semantic repository and, subsequently, use them to present the document collection to the user and navigate through it.

For more information on Information Workbench or the planned Stanbol integration please contact us at The full adoption and validation proposal is available here.


Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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