Stanbol and VIE integration in DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke is an open source web content management system based on Microsoft .NET.
One of our customers is potentialy interested in using briefing notes (short and informal texts about important or interesting events, or any astonishing, surprising, notable facts). This raises the problem of the distribution of notes to interested persons, the creation of links between notes, their storage and indexing.

Our main objectives are:
1) to provide an intuitive interface for editing and annotating briefing notes,
2) to couple a classifier and a notification system,
3) to make easy the creation of complex SPARQL queries on the graph generated from the annotations.

1) The creation of annotated notes is ensured by VIE integrated with DotNetNuke:

picture reprensenting en enhanced note

We save a reference to the note and some custom informations like title and date in a classical relational database. Notes contents and metadata are stored using stanbol contentHub. As it stands, the links only point to dbpedia entities.

2) The distribution is ensured by a generic notification system coupled with a bayesian classifier. An evolution here is to use the semantic annotations to improve the classification, we know how but the solution is not yet implemented.

3) Users can search for a note using a data graph pattern in a string format that take the appearance of a phrase. We can easily add new constraints to provide more and more powerful search by adding new phrases or extending the existing phrase.
Semantic links are used to explicit terms for the system:

picture of advanced search

Next steps include:
– Use users annotations to improve the classification
– Use users annotations to modify enhancements metadata persisted in stanbol
– Allow users to build their own search pattern and enrich stanbol’s data graph
– Build french models for Stanbol

Demo is available online at:

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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