Stanbol and SIMsKULTUR Online: Publish press reports

SIMsKultur Online which acts as information and promotion platform for cultural events in the DACH region (concerts, operas, theater, dance, …) has joined the IKS Early Adopters Programme to create a tool for easy publishing of press reports / news items related to the content featured on the SIMsKultur Online platform and the SIMsKultur print and iPad® magazine. The project aims at integrating the Apache Stanbol software components to assist creating of news items with facts and media.

With that new part of the website we’d like to explore how to use Linked Open Data and assist the user with an easy to use user interface to create semantically annotated ( content.

As the current web platform is already using Drupal 6 we first planned to upgrade to Drupal 7 and use that also for the new application. After deep investigation we needed to adjust our initial plans and decided on leaving the platform as it is and add the new application as independent tool. Apache Stanbol now acts as data clearinghouse — we import data into the Apache Stanbol Entityhub and Factstore from different sources including our own data and access it with a Javascript library over the RESTful JSON-LD API from Stanbol.

Select a venue from the Apache Stanbol Entityhub

Select a venue from the Apache Stanbol Entityhub / Related events for a venue.


As we’re dealing with texts in German the Apache Stanbol Enhancer / OpenNLP currently needs some improvements so that there will be meaningful entity suggestions.

So far we have experienced that searching and retrieving data from the Apache Stanbol Entityhub is quite fast and we’re looking forward to finish our demo application soon so we can share further insights.

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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