Sling-Stanbol to allow Faceted browsing over your directories

Faceted browsing (also faceted navigation or faceted search) allows users to explore information by applying multiple filters. The difference to hierarchical search as this happens with directories and subdirectories in a file system is that you can’t just broaden or narrow your selection in one direction but that you can search in multiple dimensions simultaneously. If it turns out that your the first criterion you set was too narrow you can just remove it, the other selected criteria remain in place. The faceted search capability provided by Stanbol Content-Hub allows you to see which categories help you most to narrow your search result to what you’re looking for by telling you beforehand how effective an additional filter is and by not suggesting any filter that would yield to an empty result.

This faceted browsing capability leverages the Stanbol text enhancement capabilities. There is no need to manually classify the document along all the axis users can browse. Thanks to the content classifications of categorization provided by Stanbol every document in the Content Hub undergoes entity extraction and entity linking which are techniques to understand what a document is about.

Thanks to the integration with Apache Sling this faceted search capabilities are now available to all files and directories you choose to store within Sling. Thanks to Webdav having files in Sling is as easy as having them in your local file system. Practically all operating systems allow mounting Webdav shares which means that the files managed by Sling appear just like a normal folder in the file system. This means you can process your files as you are used to do but if you ever miss something or just would like a get a different view on your data you can use the faceted browser to get what you’re looking for. Thanks to Stanbol actually reading and – to some degree – understanding your document this works even if you failed to keep your directories well organized and tidy.

The screencast shows how a bunch of documents is uploaded to Sling-Stanbol and how faceted search is the used to find a document.

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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