SIMsKULTUR KulturNews: Publish news articles assisted by Apache Stanbol

With the new “KulturNews” application SIMsKultur would like to provide an easy and intuitive way for users to publish news articles related to cultural events in the D/A/CH region.

KulturNews Timeline view

KulturNews Timeline view

On the front page a timeline view shows future and past events. After authentication it’s possible to create new articles.

There’s no form for the user to insert data — HTML5 contentEditable areas in the final layout are used so that the user can insert content and see exactly while editing how it will look like when it’s published. Data already available on SIMsKultur Online like venues or events are stored in the EntityHub of Apache Stanbol.

When a user starts typing a venue name she or he will get the suggestions in an autocomplete widget — on selection the full address will be inserted and marked up with annotations. Furthermore related events will be selected from the Stanbol EntityHub.

Venue autocomplete with data from Apache Stanbol

Venue autocomplete with data from Apache Stanbol

Venue inserted

Venue address and map is inserted and annotated with microdata

Related videos from YouTube will be suggested and to enrich articles with images it’s possible to search the Wikidata repository — this data is currently not stored in Apache Stanbol.

Wikidata image repository

Wikidata image repository

There is no database — all (meta) data is stored in the HTML file. For example the author information is stored as annotation and so the system knows if the authenticated user is allowed to edit that page.

Data can be looked up in Apache Stanbol and will be stored in the DOM structure of the document.

As Apache Stanbol includes already an Apache Solr server, a full text search can be enabled within the application.

There are a lot of further┬ápossibilities how to use use Apache Stanbol in this project — the next step will be to add more related data and link it to Linked Open Data resources.

It was great to explore this new technology and we’re looking forward to further improve the authoring experience of our customers with it.

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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