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Sadit? – A Facebook game for building a resource for sentiment analysis on the Semantic Web. “Sadit?” is a Facebook game that we have developed as students of the Master’s Degree in “Scienze di Internet (Internet Science)” at the University of Bologna, Italy.
The game’s name comes from the local dialect of Bologna – “sadit” means “What are you saying?” and it also sounds similar to “Who said it?”. Both these questions represent key steps in our game: a user is asked to indicate what the topic of a post is, and to guess who commented on that post.

We started working on the project in the context of the course of “Knowledge Management”, given by Dr. Valentina Presutti; our project’s goal is to create an open resource for sentiment analysis on the Semantic Web by using the technologies taught and practically used during classes. These technologies include Apache Stanbol, VIE, Protégé,and ontology design patterns.

We decided to work on a Facebook game because we wanted to create something fun, while developing something useful for sentiment analysis, and improving our skills.

Each Sadit? game is organized in the following steps: players analyze a facebook post and indicate its topic, then they associate a polarity to a comment on that post, and finally they have to guess who is the author of the comment. A right guess makes players earn points, a wrong guess makes players loose a virtual life. A nice side effect of the game is that we are able to build a ranking of Facebook users about their most frequent feelings, hence Sadit? will always show an updated rankings of most sad, angry, happy, etc. users!

In order to develop our game, we have used the VIE Autocomplete Widget which allows users to select topics from DBpedia and GeoNames. Apache Stanbol played a big role as well, as it used for managing input from users through the Entityhub, and for extracting topics through the Enhancer.

We are very proud of our result as Sadit? has been selected as the best project among the students’ projects submitted this year to the Knowledge Management course.

We really enjoyed working on this project and gain experience in the use of these tools, in Facebook application development and we are enthusiast to have the great opportunity to attend the IKS Early Adopter Workshop.

To play, search “Sadit” on Facebook or find it at:

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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