Semantic content enhancements for Drupal, Drupal modules and an IKS-demo Drupal distribution!

As previously announced I’ve been recently working together with Stéphane Corlosquet on integrating the tools provided by the IKS project to do semantic content enhancements in Drupal as part of the IKS early adopter program. Now, we’ve the pleasure to share some results :-)

Initially, the plan was to use JSON-LD for sending Drupal’s content over to Apache Stanbol, it turned out that Apache Stanbol does not (yet) support JSON-LD when indexing data in its EntityHub component (it does for sending back the text annotation results though). Thus, we used RDF/XML generated by the RDFx module to communicate with Apache Stanbol’s Entityhub. For easy indexing, we created the Search API Stanbol module, which leverages Drupal’s great Search API for that. Together, with an Apache Stanbol install that is pre-configured for Drupal’s use (link) you can get your own Apache Stanbol instance up and running with Drupal in a minute! Checkout scor’s screencast introducing the module!

Next, we integrated VIE.js libraries and widgets into Drupal 7 such that one can easily use Apache Stanbol content enhancement capabilities from within Drupal. So we created the VIE.js module, which cares about adding the javascript library in Drupal. We used that to build an autocomplete widget for Drupal’s taxonomy term reference fields that leverages the VIE.js autocomplete and creates according terms on the fly – while keeping a reference on the original resource. Also, we integrated annotate.js with NicEdit which is available for Drupal via the Wysiwyg module, such that text enhancements via Apache Stanbol are just one click away! Have a look at it during the second screencast showing the Drupal integration:

Check out the demo page yourself over at!

If you are curious, you can also go and grab the new “IKS Content Enhancements Demo” Drupal distribution we created. That way, you can download a pre-configured Drupal with all needed modules to run the demo yourself – now it’s as easy to get started with Drupal and Apache Stanbol as installing Drupal and launching a pre-configured Apache Stanbol instance!


Co-posted blog post for the Drupal planet: link

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