Positive feedback for IKS at OpenCms Days 2012

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OpenCms 8 – Experiences, Possibilities, Potentials
September 24 to 25, 2012 – Cologne, Germany

Joining Alkacon at the end of 2008 and being the third time speaker on OpenCms Days, I’m still impressed by the huge impact OpenCms has around the world what becomes visible to you when visiting OpenCms Days.  For example dispatch.com presented their OpenCms application running on Amazon Web Services. Another personal highlight was the second day’s keynote made by Dr. Tilman Becker from DFKI a member of IKS. He introduced the visitors to the complex world of semantics in an easy-understandable way, what results in an amazing feedback. For me this event was a great congress and a big benefit for the whole OpenCms Community.


This year’s international OpenCms user conference [1] focused on success stories and projects based on OpenCms 8. Experts from around the world shared their experiences with this latest OpenCms release. Alkacon unveiled Version 8.5 of OpenCms which covers several functional enhancements. To play around with the new version 8.5 sign up for a live demo account on our OpenCms Live Demo Server [2].

Main new features of OpenCms 8.5

  • The new inline content editor (acacia) allows to edit content “in place” on the web page.
  • The form based content editor (acacia) has been completely rewritten for improved speed and ease-of-use.
  • Integration of SEO features with automatic sitemap.xml generation and page alias support.
  • Integration of Solr for improved search and noSQL like content queries.
  • Integration of CMIS access to the content repository.

Edit content fast and efficient with OpenCms
The Acacia Editor [3] demonstrated on this blog [4] supports both inline- and form-based editing and uses VIE [6] and the VIE-Wrapper [7] we have implemented to support VIE functionality for GWT [12] written applications. As WYSIWYG-component for inline-editing we use an adjusted version of Hallo.js [8] that was also initially developed in the course of the IKS project. Editable content elements are now tagged with RDFa annotations. Next to semantic and the SEO benefit these annotations making the client able to tell the server which pieces of content have been changed and to which resource a concrete pieces of content belongs. Using those new technologies reduces the data transferred between the Browser and the Server significantly. What will reduce content managers waiting time and results in a much better OpenCms user experience.


Retrieving content within OpenCms using Apache Solr
On the server side we integrated Apache Solr [10] smoothly into the OpenCms. Now the advanced search features of Solr are available within OpenCms: Real faceted, fast and secure search. IKS gave us the chance getting a lot of experiences using Apache Solr.


Access OpenCms resource by external applications with CMIS
Through implementing CMIS [11] we got on the right track for better interoperability support. Now we are able to feed the Content Hub of Apache Stanbol [9] using the CMS Adapter. By the way we have already done this as test scenario for being sure we have implemented the CMIS interface right. So we are now able to make use of the auto enhanced content of the whole “Wonderful World of Flowers”, what is a really great thing.


Real Core Integration
All of this is integrated into the core of OpenCms and is part of the standard OpenCms distribution [13]. What is a real success story for the IKS project isn’t it?

A new perspective
With RDFa support, VIE integration, CMIS implementation and a good knowledge about Apache Solr, we are looking forward to integrate some of the Apache Stanbol components into the next version of OpenCms. Alkacon Software as industrial partner of IKS is getting closer to the “Semantic World” and we invite you all visiting the next international OpenCms user conference.

Please note: All presentations will be downloadable on http://www.opencms-days.org

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Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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