PISANO’s packagemaster, enhanced by IKS to create, link and search content

The packagemaster system is a product information management software for the tourist industry that provides the media-independent management of product information (texts, images, tables, documents etc). Tour Operators use packagemaster for producing websites, catalogues, flyers, adverts, etc.

It is particularly desirable to identify functions that would help product managers analyse hotel information and tour descriptions, and from this retrieve the information automatically. The objective is to generate additional information simply and to save tour attributes. An important goal is to reduce the time spent on data management by product managers and to improve the quality of tour content.

IKS helps to improve content editing for the product manager.

The Product Editor of the packagemaster system is used for creating and maintaining all the information about a tour. This also includes descriptions in text form.

These descriptions are split into text sections, which ensure better structuring of the content. Within the text sections, the product manager can have this text analysed thanks to the IKS integration and extended with additional TAGS. This information is saved directly for the tour. If the additional information in question is a lengthy text, which requires better formatting or structuring, it is possible to generate a new content page directly from the Product Editor. This page is saved as a new “info page” in the packagemaster system, related to the product (tour).

This “info page” can thereafter be edited and formatted by the user. For this purpose, it is possible to add additional images, text or PDF documents. This page can then be published on the website.

The functions for text analysis and extending the content using the IKS components greatly support users of the packagemaster system. The effort required for researching and adding relevant additional information is vastly reduced

Watch this Screencast for the enhancements example

VIE (annotate.js) integration

For the content manager of a tour operator, who is not meant to or does not wish to maintain complex content, the website provides the option of signing in and editing defined text sections with the VIE widget (annotate.js) and adding additional information to them.

This functionality is ideal for making quick and simple adjustments and also for making changes without having to access the maintenance system. Particularly the ability to integrate additional data into the content through the IKS enhancer makes work much easier for the content manager.

Watch this Screencast for the VIE integration example:

packagemaster uses the IKS contenthub for website search

For visitors of tourism websites, an efficient search facility for tours is highly important. To provide this functionality, it is possible to use the packagemaster system to configure an export for transferring the content of specific descriptions to the IKS contenthub.

The content is stored here along with the respective ID of the product so that it is possible to access it again on the website by performing a full text search.

Watch this Screencast for the example of the contenthub integration:

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