Palsu – Interactive Meeting Tool using VIE and Apache Stanbol is an interactive meeting tool that is used to demonstrate capabilities of  VIE and other IKS Project open source technologies. The idea is to create a tool for coordinating both online and real-world meetings. This means being able to manage:

  • Meeting scheduling
  • Agenda for meetings
  • Collaboratively written meeting notes
  • Action points (tasks) that arise in the meeting
  • Participants of the meeting, and action points assigned to them

“Palsu” comes from the Finnish word for a “meeting”. There is a public demo of Palsu available on

This screencast demonstrates

Content editable. No Forms required.

VIE,Vienna IKS Editables: a easy useable JavaScript library to make content on your web pages editable through annotations. By adding RDFa (Microdata is on the Roadmap) to your pages you can built rich user interactions and interfaces.

Developers, have a look at the 10-min-DIY documentation!

By adding semantic annotations to your HTML code you accomplish search engine optimized html markup and enable the possibility of innovative and intuitive user interfaces. VIE provides also the neccessary libraries for managing the synchronisation of changes with your back-end system.

Palsu is used to demonstrate the capabilities of decoupled content management. All pages are simple RDFa annotated HTML pages. All data representation and user interactions are provided as client-side JavaScript. As back-end data server there is Redis as key-value store used and Apache Stanbol provides semantic capabilities for content analysis.

Semanticly Annotated HTML code for a meeting list

This is an example of a semantically annotated HTML page which can be used as data input form, edit form and data view.

After including the vie.js library the RDFa annotated parts can be populated with data, are editable or new data can be added.

The information of a logged-in user will be written into the foaf:Person part of the page header. Existing meetings are loaded as list entries into the rdfcal:Vcalendar listing — the meeting title, date or agenda is inline editable. A new meeting can be created from the rdfcal:Vevent XHTML+RDFa template.

More information about VIE:

Apache Stanbol

An other IKS Project open source software component used in the Palsu application is Apache Stanbol. Known entities such as organisations, persons, places and other meaningful suggestions from controlled taxonomies can be recognized and extracted from the messages sent.

Aloha Editor

The Aloha Editor is a modern HTML5 inline WYSIWYG editor and used by the VIE framework to provide a user friendly web editing experience. Plugins provide the possibility to annotate tasks and mentions persons in meeting messages with RDFa markup.


As database or back-end store Palsu uses RedisRedis is a very performant open source, advanced key-value store also referred to as a data structure server. The Palsu data is stored as JSON-LD datasets.


All back-end code is written in Evented Server-side JavaScript and parts in CoffeeScript.

Palsu App installation

Palsu installation instructions are available on the IKS wiki. You can also use our online version:

You need:


This screencast you’ll see how to add a new meeting to Palsu and how the real-time sync via VIE works. Changes to the meeting title, agenda or messages are synced in real-time across the logged-in clients. Double-click to edit the meeting title and agenda.

All online participants in a meeting are indicated with a green square in the “Participants” sidebar on the right side.

To embed media like images, slides, videos or wikipedia articles and tweets just paste the URL into the chat input field and view the result.

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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