January 7, 2013
by Henri
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Create.js in 2013

It is now 2013, and the IKS project, started back in 2009 to improve content management systems through semantic technologies, has ended. Alongside Apache Stanbol and VIE.js, the Create.js inline editing toolkit was one of the major outcomes of this European Union funded effort.

This post outlines the current state of Create, and some of the things that will be happening around it in 2013.

Increased CMS adoption
Thanks to being picked up by major CMSs like Drupal 8, TYPO3 Neos, Midgard, Symfony CMF and OpenCms for their inline editing needs, Create.js is experiencing very strong adoption. Many of these CMSs will be shipping a new major version during 2013.

These releases will bring Create.js into millions of sites out there, giving users a friendlier and faster way to edit the web. By being built on the semantic interaction framework of VIE, this also means a significant expansion of the RDFa Linked Data base.

This amount of new users will be staggering, meaning that we will need to put a lot of focus into stability and ease-of-use of the toolkit. To make life for new integrators and contributors easier, we will also need to improve the documentation and test coverage. All of this is shown also by the fact that Create.js on GitHub has climbed from few hundred watchers a year ago to nearly 1400 today.

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December 21, 2012
by dlehrer
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Conatix Business Intelligence System Integration of Stanbol and VIE Functionalities

Conatix is a Berlin- and London-based startup and a spin-off project of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin developing an online semi-automated business intelligence (business research) system based on recent advances in machine learning.  Conatix applied and tested Stanbol in the Business Intelligence domain as part of the IKS Early Adopter programContinue Reading →

December 21, 2012
by AKuckartz
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buddycloud with Semantic Enhancements

buddycloud (see buddycloud.org and buddycloud.com) is a set of software components and protocols to create a Federated Social Web. Such Distributed Social Media do not depend on proprietary platforms. The components of buddycloud are available as Open Source (Apache License 2.0). Continue Reading →