Netzmühle eCommerce solution using Apache Stanbol

Netzmühle is a web agency founded in 2008. Located in the city of Salzburg we are developing online marketing and individual e-commerce solutions. To develop very successful solutions we always observe trends in search engine optimization, design and technology. But we are not only observers we also want to take part in applying new technologies. Therefore is very interesting for us to be involved in the IKS community. As early adopters of Apache Stanbol we presented at the 7th IKS workshop in Salzburg a first demo solution to show the advantages of the semantic web in an e—commerce solution.

The main goals we wanted to address during development were:

  • Using Apache Stanbol in an e-commerce solution
  • Are semantic web technologies able to offer customer benefits?
  • Is Apache Stanbol market-ready?

The detailed goals for the concrete implementation were:

  • Combine an online-shop with stories (content pages but with high quality content for search engines)
  • Automatic matching of products within stories
  • Find products using context of the stories
  • Low-threshold buying incentives (e.g. describe how use a product in an emotional situation like drinking a bottle of wine during a candle light dinner)
  • With many products manual assignments are too time consuming

After developing the semantic e-commerce solution we were able to realise most of the above goals. The usage of semantic web technologies offer interesting new benefits and so we are planning a follow-up project in which integrate Apache Stanbol more deeply into our online-shop software Netzmühle BARTHII.

Although Apache Stanbol is already a very powerful tool there will need to be further fine tuning in the enhancement configuration to improve the usage of very large DBPedia indexes.

The slides of our presentation show in detail how the e-commerce solution works.

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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