MakoLab’s Stanbol integration with Renault International CMS system

RSI-CMS is a tailor-made .NET based CMS system created by MakoLab for Renault International markets. It powers more than 40 Renault Websites all around the globe (see: , ,  as examples). The integration with Stanbol was done under IKS Early Adopters Programme.

The principal aim of the integration was to help website editors in automated enhancing of editorial parts of their websites by creating specific referrals to the following elements appearing in the content:

  • Places, people or events (referral has “digest pop-up” + link to Wikipedia format) (Places, people or organizations – entity types mapped as default in Stanbol, we also added products, standard, technologies, eco, vehicle, work etc)
  • Renault specific codes (like engine symbols, discontinued products) – links to Wikipedia
  • Renault vehicle names (like Megane) – links to respective product pages.

The integration required construction of our own categories that feed Stanbol enhancer.
The respective indexed dataset file in TTL format can be found here: Renault TTL file

The basic rules we have used to construct it are:
We created entities for keywords, which are important for our automotive client. Each entity has fields:

  •  property used to extract Entities – default “rdfs:label”
  •  property used to determine the type of Entities – default “rdf:type”
  •  property used for redirects – default “rdfs:seeAlso”
  •  “rdfs:comment”
  •  “geo:lat” and “geo:long”
  •  “foaf:depiction”

Also, every foaf:name predicate was mapped as a rdfs:label for more flexibility.

The implementation added specific Stanbol enhancer invocation („enhance” button) to the CMS text edit elements. It was achieved using VIE framework.
On the client side with help of vie.js and modified annotate.js we are able to display
pop-up elements, generate links and help in building nicely looking “See also” element.
You can see it live at:

Our validation work also helped to address a bug discovered in the indexing enhancer when Stanbol is implemented on Windows platform, which we initially selected because of RSI-CMS using .net technology.

MakoLab works for Renault on the next generation of CMS systems that will heavily use Semantic technologies.  Integration with Stanbol is the next major step (after proposition of “Semantic Car Configurator”, and enhancing  some Renault pages with GoodRelation markup) on this path.

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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