Lunaria + Drupal + Apache Stanbol Early Adoption

As part of the early adoption scheme sponsored by IKS, Lunaria, an Edinburgh based company, has for some time now a working demo up and running of a possible implementation of the Apache Stanbol software stack enhancing content through a Drupal installation. A plain slide cast explanation is available here.

The Drupal CMS uses a cleaned up version of the module developed by Rene Kapusta. Though this is a simplistic implementation the demonstration has raised significant interest in the IKS software stack and we are currently developing further to enhance websites from diverse sources including scientific research organizations, governmental projects and community based learning tools.

The development is dependent on an eventual stable release of the Apache Stanbol software stack, which we are following with great interest (impatiently) and defining real world use cases.
We have a working installation of Apache Stanbol on a dedicated server which is available as a public resource here.

A recent article in the UK based .net magazine featuring Rene Kapusta has also generated enthusiasm form various sources and we are being encouraged to develop further (a copy of the article will be available here end of July) .
In that light we are actively seeking collaboration with Drupal module developers to expand possible implementation scenarios and improve the user experience to be able to use the module in the same way existing modules which connect to other services like Open Calais or Zemanta currently function.

Many issues arise developing from a PHP based CMS and keeping up with the rapid development of Apache Stanbol is one of them. One major issue is using cURL which is not always an option especially for end users running Drupal on a shared server where cURL may be seen as a security risk.

Looking forward, we are hoping to in-corporate Apache Stanbol (stability pending) into our mainstream service offerings for clients with specific needs in the realm of semantic enhancement.

Initial reactions have been very encouraging from both our client base and the open source community (specifically Drupal developers).

Integration with existing Drupal modules would be our preferred route here so we are actively looking into Services and WSclient implementations and collaboration with their developers.

Importing Drupal installations as a data source will become a priority as the excellent support for RDF indexing is already available in Drupal core and a seamless integration process would be extremely useful.
We look forward to the continued development of the IKS software stack and future collaboration.

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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