Integration of Information Workbench with Stanbol: Public Demo Available


We are happy to announce a public demo showcasing the integration of Apache Stanbol into the Information Workbench platform by fluid Operations AG. This integration is the result of fluid Operations’ participation in the IKS Early Adopters program.

With the help of Apache Stanbol enhancement engines, the Information Workbench is able to enrich free-text content with references to semantic data instances. This enables advanced data management capabilities to Information Workbench users in the area of semantic content management and publishing: both making it easier to organize internal data by linking structured and free-text content as well as assisting in content authoring and publishing.

Our public demo illustrates these capabilities by presenting a competitive intelligence scenario. In this demo, a collection of documents is annotated with relevant DBpedia entities representing companies, people, and locations mentioned in these documents. These annotations are used to browse the document collection and visualize it using different widgets: e.g., presenting mentioned locations using Google Maps and number of entity mentions with charts. In addition, Stanbol content enhancement is used to enrich information imported from external Web sources: particularly, abstracts of relevant news articles accessed via the New York Times Article Search API.

A short video presenting the main features of the integrated demo system is available below:

For more information on Information Workbench or the Stanbol integration please contact us at


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