IKS Technology Stack – Introduction and Overview Video

The IKS community workshop in Salzburg was a great event. As a member of the IKS project it was very inspiring to see all those CMS people who are really interested in the IKS technology. I got the honor to present an introduction and overview of the IKS technology stack at this event.

The IKS technology stack includes the Apache Stanbol and VIE technologies. Both are two successful open-source projects that were founded as part of the IKS project. The VIE is a utility library for JavaScript developers that gives you easy access to RDF annotated HTML content. With the VIE widgets we have user interface components, e.g. for semantic tagging or related image search, that make use of VIE. Naturally, VIE can be used to easily access semantic enhancement services, like the ones offered by Apache Stanbol. Apache Stanbol can be used as a semantic engine for a CMS. It provides a reusable set of components for semantic content management. Offered features are content enhancement, entity management, semantic indexing, ontology management, and more. If you are interested in getting a more detailed overview, enjoy the video.

IKS Technology Stack – Introduction and Overview from IKS Project on Vimeo.

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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