IKS Contributes to W3C RDF Web Applications Working Group

IKS develops semantic components for small and medium sized open source CMS. In order to properly achieve this goal tools, specifications and methodologies developed by IKS should be compliant with relevant standards. Last May we attended the W3C Advisory Committee Meeting in Bilbao co-located with the Bilbao Web Summit where we discussed with W3C Activity leaders how IKS could contribute to the standardization work in W3C.

IKS in W3C

Since May 2011 two members of the IKS team (Sebastian Germesin from DFKI as a W3C member and Henri Bergius from Nemein as invited expert) participate in the work of the RDF Web Applications Working Group bringing to the group our perspective on interaction as realized in the IKS VIE component.

One of the Working Group’s objectives is interfacing semantic data with front-end applications and servers using web standards. The group since its restructuring in April 2011 has also an increased focus on the extraction and usage of structured information from web documents: a W3C recommendation for RDFa API. Another useful tool under examination in the group (which is indeed also addressed in the RDF WG) is JSON-LD (Java Script Object Notation for Linking Data). VIE makes extensive use of concepts from the RDFWA we are confident that this collaboration will continue to be an important source of inspiration for both RDFWA and IKS.

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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