IKS at European Data Forum 2012

Last week on 6th and 7th of June the (first) European Data Forum took place at the Copenhagen Business School. Organized by STI2 with the support of other related EU projects (IKS, PlanetData, LOD2 and LATC), the event served several purposes around the emerging theme of Web of Data technologies, involving open, linked, smart and big data.

The European Commission is encouraging small to medium enterprises to embrace these technologies, and therefore initiated the event as meeting point for all the involved agents. In order to show that there are already usable prototypes, IKS was invited to organize a hackathon together with fellow EU-funded projects. The hackathon also featured other related projects, such as the Linked Media Framework (LMF), a Linked Data server which is a follow-on from the KiWi EU project, or the Openbank project, which is trying to leverage Linked Data for novel banking services.

From the IKS perspective, it was good to see that the LOD2 people were able to integrate Apache Stanbol into their technology stack within half a day. And similarly, a couple of SMEs were also able to get started with it, including demos leveraging VIE.js for user interfaces to Linked Data infrastructures. PlanetData demonstrated some of their geo-spatial data tools, something that could be of interest for some of the IKS adopters, too. Simon Redfern showed OpenBank which may become a disruptive force in de-centralised on-line banking. The inofficial prize for getting non-technical people acquainted with Linked Data goes to LMF for their one-click installation routine and the librarian’s use case demo which is actually a walk-through from first installation to setting up data resources, down to actual end user examples.

Judging from the response (nearly 200 registrations) the European Data Forum may become a regular fixture and may well be a conference to consider for adopters of IKS technology.

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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