Human Resources Management demo powered by Stanbol

The Human Resource Management is a demonstrative prototype presenting the results of the early adoption of Apache Stanbol technology by CELI France.

A screencast about our prototype is available here  and presents an innovative application for HR Management realized by integrating into Alfresco CMS a semantic service for CV documents parsing, developed by CELI.

The prototype application integrates into Alfresco the standard semantic features exposed by Stanbol (ingestion of different document formats, language identification, etc)  and provides the CV parsing functionality by means of an experimental Enhancement Engine internally developed by CELI.

The online demo presents a solution for efficiently managing large quantities of  CV documents by automatically extracting specific semantic entities from their textual contents (i.e. contact information, education level, technical skills, work experiences, ..) and allowing for a specific advanced search on these items. The CV entities are automatically extracted whenever documents are added to the CMS and removed when the documents are deleted . The application allows as well human post editing of the extracted entities (i.e. for manually updating a CV after an interview of the candidate) and the use of label tags on the CVs for faceted search purposes.

Author: ABosca

Alessio Bosca received the M.S. degree and the Ph.D. degree in computer science (Semantic Web Technologies) from the Polytechnic University, Torino, Italy, in 2002 and 2006 respectively. His research interests include Knowledge Representation Systems, Service Oriented Architectures and Human Language Technologies. Within his postdoctoral activities he collaborated to the "SPICE" EU project working on the topic of Semantic Web Services composition starting from informal user requests, expressed in natural language. In September 2007 he moved to R&D department of CELI; since then has been involved in several EU projects (CACAO, EuropeanaConnect, Organic.Lingua) where he maturated technical expertise in the fields of Semantic Content Mangement, Search Engines, Digital Libraries and Cross-Language Information Retrieval.

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