“ECM meets Semantic Web” with a little help from Apache Stanbol

Nuxeo (IKS partner) was last week busy dazzling their community at Nuxeo World 20-21 October 2011 in Paris, France. On stage was also Stefane Fermigier along with Olivier Grisel presenting “When ECM meets the Semantic Web”. We are also a little proud here at IKS about this presentation as it showcases some of our work and more importantly how it is being applied in industry. Enough said, check out the presentation for yourself.

You may also be interested in a summary of the presentation by Laurence Hart who was in the audience. http://wordofpie.com/2011/10/20/nuxeo-world-2011-when-ecm-meets-the-semantic-web/#comment-40463

Here are also some screencasts from the presentation
















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