Decoupled Content Management on tour

It seems the idea of Decoupling Content Management is gaining momentum. On the user interface side, many projects have already adopted the VIE interaction framework and widgets from Create, and in the content repository space projects like PHPCR move forward and there are also interesting new ideas like Apache Oak.

While much of this has been made possible by the IKS project, it is also great to see the wider CMS community getting more active in the space. Part of this momentum is also apparent in how many communities want to learn more about these ideas.

Here are some upcoming events where decoupled CMS will be present:

If your community is interested in learning more, get in touch or follow my tweets from these events. And obviously I’m looking forward to meeting many of you in these events.

(See original blog by Henri Bergius)

Author: Henri

Henri Bergius, a.k.a. Bergie, is a former Viking originally from the Nordic country of Finland but living in Berlin. When he is not exploring Georgia’s cave cities or running with the bulls in Pamplona, Bergie works on web services built on top of the Midgard toolkit. His company, Nemein, provides web and mobile solutions for several major companies in Finland and abroad. After half a decade of regular web development, Bergie got involved with free software in 1999 by coordinating the public release of the Midgard content management system. Since then, he has been actively working on integrating standards like RDFa into the system and traveling the world advocating interoperation between open-source CMSs.

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