DATAMI – Semantically Organising your Web History using Apache Stanbol

The DATAMI project/application (is an IKS early adopter – see other adopters) intends to support users in managing their interactions with content on the Web. More and more information is being exchanged between individual users and a large variety of online organizations. From the point of view of the Web user, these exchanges are happening in a fragmented, un-managed way, which makes it harder for them to take full benefit from this content, to obtain an overview of their online activities and make efficient reuse of these activities. We will build on the Apache Stanbol Services to produce a semantic personal Web history for users, enriched with information about the various types of entities (websites, people, organisations, places) they encounter.

The need for such types of application relate in particular to scenarios where individuals rely on information found on the Web, but without necessarily having at their disposal the tools, time or capacity to organise the online content they interact with. In other terms, what DATAMI intends to do is to provide ways to automatically, without affecting the user’s normal activities, monitor and organise the resources he/she is interacting with, so that it can be later explored, re-used and retrieved.


In summary, DATAMI will produce the following outcome:

  1. A method and a tool to locally track a user’s activities online, through monitoring the Web traffic generated by the user
  2. Back-end processes using IKS Stanbol services to semantically analyse the online resources involved in the user’s Web interactions to extract common, important entities in these resources, and keep track of their relation to the resources and user’s interactions
  3. A front-end interface showing an entity cloud based on information extracted by the processes described above. This interface (similar to a tag cloud) will emphasise entities based on their importance and allow the user to explore their semantic representation, as well as their connections with the user’s Web interactions.

Current Status and Roadmap

The DATAMI is based on work already initiated for the local monitoring of user-generated Web traffic, using a local Web proxy and semantic data modelling technologies. This work will be repurposed to fit the requirements of the DATAMI application by mid-February. The data management infrastructure, using Apache Stanbol services and local semantic data stores, as well as the DATAMI interface need to be developed from scratch, and will be available in alpha version by end-February and mid-March respectively. The final demo DATAMI application (beta-version) will be available for demo and download by the end of March 2012.

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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