Current state and future plans of VIE and Stanbol implementation in OpenCms

Hello CMS providers and IKS team,

during the last year Alkacon has started several new projects, some of them based on IKS semantic web technology, all of them can be found under Alkacon’s github account. The acacia editor[2] is a modern HTML5 editor that can be used for inline- and form-based editing and a screencast is available on youtube [5]. New in the current development version of acacia is the integration of hallo [4] as you can see in the screenshot. Acacia is written in GWT and makes use of the vie-gwt wrapper [1].

Integrating the hallo editor into Alkacon's acacia.

Integrating the hallo editor into Alkacon's acacia.

Yesterday I started cleaning up some code and I tried to collect all development material that has been created in the course of the IKS project by Alkacon so far, … Assuming I can do that on a single day was a little bit optimistic, but anyway … I did it! And now a new version of Alkacon’s TinyMCE integration is also available [3]. On the last hackthon Rupert helped me getting up a Stanbol server that uses a dbpedia extraction containing only plants as entities. Right now I’ve updated our demo content so that we are able to find pictures of flowers based on Stanbol enhancer.

Alkacon's vie related widget integrated into TinyMCE

Alkacon's vie related widget integrated into TinyMCE

Further plans:

Currently we are evaluating how to integrate Solr as new search engine into OpenCms and we are also talking about a CMIS implementation for OpenCms. The coherence combining those targets with IKS is obvious. Using CMS-Adapter in order to feed the content hub or using the same Solr server for Stanbol and OpenCms, …? Let’s see what is going…

Potential extensions for VIE and Stanbol:
  • Extend stanbol for RDFa support (discussion on stanbol-dev with the title: “Extend stanbol content hub for RDFa support”) has already started.
  • Create a minimal launcher for Stanbol: Alkacon Software as OpenCms provider considers to extend OpenCms for “Stanbol capabilities”. One argument that prevents us is the target size of the Stanbol launcher. We would like to see a minimal launcher as well. Currently you get the impression that the CMS is an addition to Stanbol and not the other way around.
  • Semantic navigation for VIE based on Solr queries: There exists a project [6]. Maybe it is possible to extend VIE for a widget or something else that makes it possible to easily create a HTML GUI that enables the user to navigate stanbol contents
  • There might be support for more convenience functions as discussed on [7] for operating with entities
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Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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