CreatePHP: Mission Accomplished

Now that our project for the Early Adopter Programme has been completed, it’s time to look at what has been accomplished: The goals of the project were to develop a generic PHP library for integration into various frameworks and applications, the integration into the MidCOM framework as a reference implementation and the use of this code in a real-life website project to feedback about the usability of the Create.js/VIE stack.

The generic library has been written and published under the name CreatePHP on github, dual-licensed under the LGPL and MIT licenses, the MidCOM framework integration is done and integrated into the main distribution, and CreatePHP is now also used in the Symfony CMF project, with early prototypes hinting at a possible integration into TYPO3 as well.

Over the course of the project, many issues in the used libraries were discovered and reported. There are still a few rough edges to smooth out, but CreatePHP is running in a production website since May 18, with an edit interface based on Create.js. There is also a demo server available under


The options stay at the top of the site so you don’t have disturbing buttons around the content you are editing.

To get an early impression on create.js benefits in a real world use case we chose our own company’s website for an example implementation. To that point we used to update it in a MidCOM CMS that in principal we liked a lot as it was fast, lightweight and nicely fine-tuned over the years to our own personal needs. But Create.js was designed to address the sort of mental overhead that you can’t really think around as long as you accept content editing as something that involves clicking procedures to switch between modal interfaces, filling in forms in a second interface and then checking if what you just typed will fit into the grid. From our experience Create.js easily lets you miss how fast those customs disappear, as leaving out anything that calls attention away from your content seems to feel natural right from the start.

So, we invite you, dear reader, to come check out the new way of web publishing yourself: Play with the demo server, set up a local test machine, and send patches!

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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