Apache Stanbol presented at the IEEE ERK2011 conference

Our new paper, “Semantic Enhancement: The Key to Massive and Heterogeneous Data Pools“, was presented last week at the IEEE ERK2011 conference, in Portoroz, Slovenia. This paper serves as a source of Apache Stanbol’s evolutionary change to encompass more advanced features such as rule-based reasoning, multimedia interlinking, Linked Data Caching mechanism, the extensions to Linked Data principles. Herein, we discuss the symbiotic approach of extending the Stanbol Apache with our recently implemented Linked Media Framework (LMF) (more information: http://code.google.com/p/kiwi/ ) that stores and retrieves content and metadata for media resources and resource fragments in a unified way. That way, we may integrate Stanbol and LMF to form a technology stack for semantic CMS that can also deal with Linked Data.

In addition, a notable feedback of this presentation was getting to know that Apache Stanbol became a topic of one of ongoing PhD dissertation at the University of Belgrade, in which it is used for benchmarking semantic enhancement engines. We’ll stay in touch with our just discovered external benchmarking team.

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project