A great experience at IKS workshop in Salzburg

We participated in the IKS Workshop to present “Sadit?!?!” a project that we are developing as master students of the University of Bologna  – if you weren’t there, you may want to know more about it by reading this post!

We want to share with you our impressions as students about this experience and about the IKS team.

We presented our project during the first day: it has been a very busy day, and we were really excited. We arrived  in Salzburg in early morning. We got lost first, but we managed to find our way to Schloss Leopoldskron in time as we skipped stopping at the hotel…maybe we weren’t coolly dressed as we had planned – Luca ironed a shirt for the first time in his life – anyway we were really thrilled and we hope people there didn’t notice it :)

We are really glad to have had this opportunity and hope that in the future other students can have a similar one. We loved that a lot of people was really interested in the project and made us a lot of questions about it, and it looked like we had good answers for all of them. Also we received a lot of helpful suggestions for improving our game.

Thanks all the team members we now have a lot of new ideas on how to improve Sadit player’s experience as well as  the RDF resource it creates for supporting sentiment analysis.

We really want to thank you all for this great opportunity and hope to see you again somewhere and learn again a lot from you all!

We are also very grateful to our professor Valentina Presutti who trusted us and all the people from the Knowledge Management course staff (Alberto Musetti, Andrea Nuzzolese, Francesco Draicchio).

P.S and, of course, hope you will have a lot of fun playing Sadit?!?!?!

Author: Wernher

Wernher Behrendt is senior researcher at Salzburg Research and the coordinator of the IKS project

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