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Apache Stanbol Early Adopter using Ontology Manager and Rules components

Apache Stanbol provides different features that facilitate working with linked data, in the netlabs.org early adopter proposal I wanted to try features which were not much used before, like the Ontology Manager and the Rules component. The way I wanted to use them were not necessary the ways the Stanbol team was thinking of it in the first place but nevertheless I saw that it might solve some problems I have.

During the implementation I ran into various issues as you can read in the validation for this proposal. Fortunately the Stanbol team was very helpful and Andrea and Alessandro helped a lot to get it working in the end. I made a 10 minutes video where I explain what I did with Stanbol and how we plan to use it in the future.

Thanks to the Stanbol team for the great work, netlabs.org keeps a close eye on Stanbol and will integrate parts of its stack into our framework!

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